What is Befriending?

The essence of having a befriender means that my son can do whatever he wanted to do whatever he likes to do plus things that he might not even know he likes to do.

Aims of the service

  • To set up an individual person centered Befriending service.
  • To focus on elements from the young person’s ILP, such as independence, communication and social education.
  • To regularly set new and varied goals that are completely student led.
  • To develop risk enablement, by encouraging new and dynamic activities such as climbing, ice skating, kayaking, discos, golf etc.
  • To provide respite, for the family, support for the young person and be an advocate for both.


The befriending programme incorporates learning throughout different activities such as
swimming, hiking, ice skating, trampolining, bowling or going to the cinema amongst many others.

The fact that my son can take things that he’s learned in one place towards the different situations has to be the best learning he can do.

I never felt that I’ve got a stranger walking into the house I just feel it’s a very wide extended family.

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