Lifelong Learning

At TEENS+ we provide a service for young people with complex communication needs, autism & it’s complexities, and behaviours that challenge traditional services. One of our primary goals is to help individuals with complex needs to achieve their full potential through gentle, lifelong learning.


Transitional Education

Our Transitional Education service at TEENS+ is designed to assist young adults who are not quite ready to take the step into post school education, work or to a new home. We employ a person-centered education plan that aligns with the needs and aspirations of our students, and provide the compassion to help see it through.


Our Befriending service provides a continuation of the TEENS+ support out with the normal hours of our service operation. The service is tailor made and structured to each individual student and the family’s needs. From 24 hour support to 3 hour at the weekend we’re here to be flexible to your family’s needs.