Transitional Education Extra Needs Support

Teens+ (Transitional Education Extra Needs Support) is a unique educational service for young people with complex communication needs, autism; and its complexities, and behaviours that challenge services. We offer a lifelong learning and transitional approach to individual learning.

Our Philosophy

We believe that everyone has the right to further education regardless of need.

We have an Individualised Learning Plan designed around each student which is constructed around the existing strengths of the student. Each plan reflects their individual needs, preferred methods of communication and learning capacities. Students, their parents/guardians and important others in their lives are all asked to input into the outcomes for the young person’s Individual Learning Plan. This ensures that the best person-centred approach is used at all times to aid the student’s educational, social and life skills development..

We offer a full-time programme of 35 hours per week; Monday – Thursday 9:00 am – 4:45 pm and 9:00 am – 1:00 pm Fridays for 45 weeks per year. We feel these hours emulate the transition from school to adult life.

What our Staff say...

Our Centres



The Ravenscroft Centre is our facility dedicated towards young people with complex communication needs, autism & it’s complexities, and behaviours that challenge traditional services. One of our primary goals is to allow people with complex needs to achieve their full potential through gentle, lifelong learning.


Liberton Brae

Liberton Brae is our newest addition to the Teens+ education facilities. Based in Liberton this facility is aimed at young people who are not quite ready to take the step into post-school education, work or to a new home. This is expected to be a four-year transitional programme to build on skills and learning post school.

Our Staff

We make sure all our staff complete regular training and keep up to date with the latest standards and practices.

Care Inspectorate Report

View our annual report from the Care Inspectorate.

Standard of Service

We ensure we are providing a top-quality standard of service, reviewed by parents and independent external bodies.

Our Partners

We work with our partners to make sure we can provide the best possible services which cater to all the specific needs of our students.